Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Son of the Morrighan

    And so begins the story of a man and his mother. But more of a journey, of finding her and in return finding out whom he really is.

     My name by birth is Brian Morgan and my mother..... The Goddess, The Morrighan. There I said it. for those that read this, you have no ideal how long it took me to come to terms with this. I had no problem excepting her as my goddess and even following her but to say that she is my mother? Yes makes one question themselves constantly if they're going mad. I will explain more on this in a moment. I am writing this web journal only because she has instructed me to do so. She has kept me in the shadows, kept me a secret for years not letting myself be known but only so subtly as she taught me in her own ways until it was time for me to be revealed to her followers.
But let me make something very clear. I am NOT here for followers, I'm Not trying to lead anybody and I'm not asking anybody for anything. I am here only as a guide, the one to open the doors, the one to answer those questions which have been troubling you. To be her voice and speak for her. I only ask that you listen. I am still just a man. I work a day job and have a some what of a normal life, try to anyways. I am, however, very spiritual and a long time practitioner of magick. I am just a man and that is all I claim to be. I just happen to have an extraordinary mother. In which I am her devoted high priest.
     She first came to me in 2001. The Morrighan and the All-Father, Odhinn (Odin) the Galdrsfadhir, came to me at the same time. There were a sea of crows. Thousands of them that followed me everywhere. they stayed with me all winter long. I will not go into to much detail on all the mystical experiences that occurred but I will say it was life changing. I was first to begin my workings with Odhinn and learn the ways of the runes. Working the runes was what really taught me self discipline especially in magick and the importance of tradition. I still work with Odhinn to this day but in 2006 it was if he handed me over to the Morrighan.
     There was this incredibly psychic woman whom I was good friends with at the time. She kept telling me there was this dark woman following me everywhere. I had been so engulfed in rune work that I had forgotten she came to me that winter too. And to make a long story short we made an incredibly mystical contact with her. She embodied the woman and told me she was my mother. And at first, like most rational, spiritual people you think "Okay, you're my patron." but what I know today is she really meant she is my mother. Her appearance was almost like it was meant to be all of her guises. She was old, not the hag but a more queenly look of a women who stood tall with her head always slightly looking upward and she wore her greyish hair up in a bun. She was dressed in a black glittery robe. She had a very authoritative presence about her. With some astral work done during the following days I was able to embrace her.
     So with my background in rune work, ceremonial magick and shamanism and with her as my guide I was able to start a series of practices devoted to awakening her consciousness within myself. She also guided me to start a coven devoted to her in which she has seemed to shape the coven as it went along. Guiding us as one so that the order of it is to her liking. As her devotees we were instructed to give a sacrifice of something sacred to ourselves for initiation and we must give a blood offering every Samhain.
     Over the years she came to me in all of her guises at different times as a means of advancement in my stages of training and/ or learning.
I realize a lot of this is very vague but there is still a lot I am not allowed to share just yet. But one thing I have been instructed to share.... the DREAMS. Not my own, but followers of the Morrighan who come to me and tell me they've had dreams about me, all of which these people I have never even met before. Any of them. But they've had dreams about me.... This is when I finally started to come to terms with excepting that I am truly her son. If you tell me you've had some dream about me or have had several, I'm sorry if I don't know how to respond to that. It's a very delicate thing, the positional I'm in. Everyday I chant in my mind like a mantra “I am just a man.” This helps to stay grounded and keep the ego at bay. I didn't ask for this and I'm still trying to do my best to represent our Great Mother. Then when I came across the myth that speaks of her three sons, Iucharba, Iuchair and.... Brian, I had to examine this. Any persons rational instinct would say it's just a strange coincidence. For me, it always felt as though I was fighting for it to be a coincidence. And this struggle of being a practitioner of magick tells you that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a purpose, this magickal philosophy kept telling me stop fighting it and except it. While the Morrighan kept telling me “You are a key of something bigger than you know.” So then she kept throwing things at me to make sure I know I am her son like having people approach me about dreams they've had about me or having a group of 3 crows follow me or leaving me subtle gifts I was in need of or putting me in charge of groups I never thought I'd be leading. When I finally excepted this as her true named son everything in my life has become extraordinarily great.

Now that you have a bit of my background, this is the beginning of what I have to say: there is a reason why she has been coming to more and more people over the past few years. All will be revealed soon, so please be patient with me and with her. Our Great Mother, The Morrighan has given me several tasks to accomplish in 2015. First I will be building a new altar and I don't just mean a table with items of hers, but hand carved from selected woods grand altar. Second, I will begin making a tarot deck devoted to her. The deck will be based on the Aquarian age. Previous decks like Raider Wait have all been made for the age of Pisces. Thirdly I will be visiting Ireland to finish writing out her magickal system, a series devotional rituals which allow her followers to have a course of training to become priests and priestess. She has been guiding me on the process of this. Also I will add, some of you who are reading this I will be visiting you this summer and I will be informing you about a retreat for us which will happen around the summer full moon.
I will be keeping a journal of all these workings here for whom ever wishes to keep track of my workings and doings as I progress. This is what she wills of me.

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