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The Tao of the Morrighan

The Tao of the Morrighan

     We all have our own Holy Grail adventure. The path of a priest that serves a goddess is by no means an easy one. Getting the calling is only the first step. Those that would be priests or priestess are built and strengthened by being brought to the point of near death or suicide only to be brought back stronger and more powerful. She will break you. It's like the martial artist who wants to learn to break bricks. The first step is to shatter the bones in the hand which is painful and takes time to heal. After it heals it is stronger and able to go through the brick. So in the same manner, those that have the calling to be a priest or priestess of a goddess who encompasses death and war must also be broken. You must be broken and go through a lot of pain and heartache in order to be rebuilt strong in all areas of the mind, body and soul. The stronger you get, the harder the tests get. You get to a point where you try to make a plea to the goddess for help only to be greeted with any even harder lesson. It is not that the Morrighan is unforgiving, cruel or heartless, it is that she wants to strengthen her children as warriors of the mind, body and soul. All in the order that the would be priest or priestess is unshaken in any circumstance, be it physical attack, psychic attack, negative entities, heartache, emotional turmoil, etc. However, at the same time it would make the outsiders view of us look like we are the ones who have become heartless, in truth it is the very opposite. We feel the love of our goddess and it will engulf our entire being and in turn will project outward into our aura. But now we are in control of our emotions and actions so that they do not control us we have control of ALL of our being.
     The work and philosophies that I am to present to you, which is a priesthood curriculum, comes not just from academic and literature research but also from magickal experience and experiments as well as the words and works with the Morrighan herself. Once at a certain level, magick becomes a science. Where you predict a certain outcome from a ritual, test it and see if it works. However, what works for some may not work for all. However still, it doesn't hurt for one to test it out and see before completely dismissing it. As the great Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh once wrote:

When we read or listen to a teacher speak, if we agree with them then we nod our head in agreeance and walk away. If we disagree with them then we shake our head in disagreeance and again walk away. In both ways we walk away and have not learned anything. So if we listen with an open heart open, open mind we will stop and try to understand even if we disagree because there must be some bit of truth or it wouldn't be presented and if we agree, listen as though you are a new beginner because you may just catch something new that you overlooked.”

     My work is not law but more guidelines for the readers to experiment with. This is what got 'Myself' to where I am and what I am continuing to work with. However every person I have offered this work to has felt it's benefits. I'm just sharing my own experience.
     You can read all the books in the world on the subject but until that knowledge is tested, what do you really know about it? I'm not speaking of the type of literary knowledge that you're tested on by S.A.T.'s or exams to see how much you remember of another persons writings but true wisdom. You can read up on sword fighting all you want but until you've been in a real sword fight, you really know nothing about it. So the question arises, how much information is genuinely yours? Meaning it's not “borrowed information” you read it or got it from someone else but YOU experienced it and it is now YOUR wisdom, regardless if someone else wrote about it.
     When more people start to do this work and follow the philosophies, a 'tradition' will begin to emerge. So in doing so, we start not an organization or hierarchy but a 'Tradition' that can be handed down to future generations and followers of The Morrighan. Tradition is a very important thing when dealing with spiritual practices. Mainly if a group consciousness is to form. An egregore. This egregore eventually becomes the consciousness of the Morrighan. It is not just something we experience individually outside of ourselves but WE become the consciousness known as the Morrighan. This is when the Microcosm and the Macrocosm merge together. One unified consciousness that is not just focused on the Morrighan but is actually part of the Morrighan. Each of us have a self consciousness of uniqueness until working your consciousness to become harmonious with the Morrighan and then you are able to see her in a much more clear way. This is how the secret, ancient priesthoods of olde operated and this how the coven I work with operates. So I am just passing along what I have learned. 

     This all starts with a deeper more mystical understanding of who the Morrighan is as a deity. In this series we will be examining her both as a Left Hand and Right Hand Path Goddess. I want to first state that your author does not follow either but walks a fine line between both. I am a Taoist at my foundation. The Morrighan herself is the Tao by very nature. The first passage of the Tao Te Ching states:

The Tao that can be described
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be spoken
is not the eternal name
The nameless is the boundary of
Heaven and Earth.
The Named is the mother of creation
Freed from desire, you can see
the hidden mystery.”

The meaning being this, it is life's experiences and emotions that make us who we are. The emotions you project are who you are, not your name or title but the energy you project from yourself. How do you know you're truly happy unless at one time you've been sad and depressed? And when you are sad it is a guarantee that you will laugh and be happy again or how do you know it is light outside unless who've been in darkness? You can not be inside unless there is an outside etc. What is it like to go to sleep and never wake up? Which is death and to go even deeper what is like to wake after never having been asleep? Which is birth. Upon the spoken name, we name things in order to communicate with each other but names are just nouns and sounds we make, it is not what they are. The world is not names it is a series of emotions that we perceive to our consciousness and interact with. You are as much of your environment as it is you. If we all communicated telepathically we would have no names which is why most deities and spirit guides show us images instead of words. The moment things have names they become part of this physical world.
     To expand on this, this is another reason why most of the Morrighan's children are empaths. She communicates to us through emotions which bring us to a deeper level with her. When you feel what seems like a panic attack or a gripping of the heart or anxiety it is her telling you to speak to her and to take moment and be in the here and now, that is the case most of the time.
      In order to keep oneself balanced one must identify with both a Masculine deity and a Feminine deity equally. When the masculine and feminine are looked at from a energy point of view it becomes more clear.
     Masculine is considered positive while feminine is considered negative. Now negative is by no means meaning bad or evil but the flow of energy. Positive energy flows outward while negative energy flows inward. Now for a male this means your masculine energy flows outward and when you are only dealing with the masculine and positive energy you will often feel drained and worn out at the end of the day and tend to forget things more often from constantly projecting out energy. This is also why males love to work on things with their hands and be good at math by projecting their energy.
For females constantly working with negative energy, (the drawing in of energy) this is why they may feel more emotional at times and seem to bring up arguments from some time ago from holding in this energy and not letting it flow out. This is also why women tend to be more psychic than men and keep a better memory.
So when one works with these energies equally you will be able to constantly draw in energy and then release it and also have a fresh new energy coming in and being released so it doesn't sit and get stagnate or being projected without being replaced.
     How this relates to the Morrighan is, for a Goddess a lot of her aspects are very masculine, such as her role as a War Goddess. The majority of most other pantheons the role of War is normally given to a male deity and usually associated with the masculine. With the Celtic pantheon it is the Morrighan.
This can symbolized many things but in this case it is balance. So with the Tao, within every female presence a male occurs and in every male the presence of female occurs. For how would you know you were female if there were no males and the other way around. 

     The Morrighan as a Left Hand Path or Right Hand Goddess? The truth is she is both. Let us examine both sides. Again, from a Taoist point of view you must experience one in order to understand the other. We'll start with the R.H.P. The end result of the R.H.P. Is complete oneness with the universe. It is also said it is to serve the gods and worship them like kings and queens. The R.H.P. Is associated with the white light energy and all that is good and selflessness. It is a means to have compassion for your fellow man and all sentient beings. However where there is light there will always be a bit of darkness, for when one 'worships' one puts the universe (or gods) above the self and tends to forget that they are already a part of it and automatically start to become separated from it. The term 'worship' usually implies to serve, thus is the role of The Great Queen, the translation of the name 'The Mor'rigan' which is why there is always a 'The' in front of her name. As I stated in my last blog, her name is a title. We serve queens as their disciples. I know there are a few different translations of her name but for now we will focus on 'The Great Queen.' This is also another reason why one should not address her as Anu until she gives you permission to. For example, it would be rude and out of etiquette to go up to the queen of England and greet her as Elizabeth, especially if you are one who honors her.
The L.H.P. and it's end result is to become separate from the universe and to become your own god head. To become your own light in the darkness and to be completely self sufficient. Now I want to start off saying that this is NOT the case with LaVey's Church of Satan, which is more of atheist form of self worship. Not that there is anything wrong with that if that is your path, it just doesn't happen to be mine. Now the very ideal of the L.H.P. is to become the same thing as your deity. Which you must go through darkness and chaos in order to achieve this. Many of us who ventured out to become witches, mystics and wizards had to start with Satanism which was our break away from Christian Programming which every one of us in this society falls into weather we like it or not but the deeper we get into our path the more we learn to separate it from our daily pagan practice.
Now on the surface the Morrighan does seem to appear as a L.H.P. Goddess being her title as 'Dark Goddess' and 'Goddess of Death' however to those that she has come to there is nothing dark about the energy felt from her. That is of course unless you cross her. I will speak briefly about her dark nature from my own experiences. She as my mother has always acted very protective over me. For example, there was one instance where I was in a very destructive relationship and The Morrighan began to haunt the poor girl as a black shadow scaring her away. It wasn't until I met a psychic woman who had also seen the shadow figure following me that I confirmed it. It wasn't long before the girl who I was dating told me she was seeing it more often as our relationship got passed due of seperation. She showed me one of the Morrighan pictures I have and said it resembled her and pretty much scared her away. And there have been other times in which she has told me to get what I need to out of a relationship and leave them. Now being that I have took several Buddhist classes, mainly to help develop my meditation skills, you can't help but also learn compassion for your fellow beings from those practices. This of course made things hard for me because if I didn't do it The Morrighan would do it for me. I try to see the best in people and in the world, I acknowledge that there is a dark side to everything but I don't focus on it because then I would be in world full of anger and confusion. However, in all cases when she has shown her dark side in this manner I would find out later that it has always been a good thing and for the best. As they say “mother knows best” and she has always shown me that, even if I didn't agree with it at the time. But don't get me wrong, I am no pacifist. It's just I am at a point where I chose my battles I do not let the world or any one person do it for me. I have not spent more than a decade learning the way of the sword just to not be able to use it if need be.
So with all that, that is just some of her dark nature that I myself have witnessed. Back to the the mystical side of things, While studying the Old Irish language I came across a word that had a big significance within the Morrighan. PĂșca. (pronounced: poo-ka) Which from older texts describes it as the shadow side or shape-shifting of the personality, which can be a dangerous aspect to become aware of at the wrong time. The PĂșca is itself a divine part of a person but also a terrifying aspect of a divinity. It can be an alternate persona often used for magical or martial purposes. It was equated as part of the individual soul in Celtic lore. Modern texts have equated it with an actual creature with the same attributes. They were known to shape-shift and were much like the the Fae. They were bringers of either good or bad fortune. But just like with Goetic Demons they are not only the objectivity of the universe but are also part of the subjectivity of the personality and of the soul. Which bring us back to the Microcosm. That miniature self that represents the universe as an individual consciousness. It isn't until we connect with our Great Mother or any deity for that matter that we begin to be a part of the Macrocosm or for a better term 'become awaken to realize it'
So the entire ideal of 'darkness' is more mundane then spiritual. Death is a natural part of the universe as much as is the sun that brings life to our planet. Most are afraid that consciousness will blink out and we will be locked in some dark box forever. You can't have an experience of nothingness. Even after death nothing truly ceases to exist. So after you die you'll have the same sort of experience as when you were born. Man will always be driven by war and the will to compete in order to be better. We all have different points of view of things as we all start out as individuals and there for we as humans will always have conflict of interests. But it's the abilty to accept our differences that make us civilized and to be a greater individual for the benefit the all. We have all seen life through different eyes and our choices and experiences have shape who we are and how we determine our judgements. A whole lot of people in the world are very happy living their entire lives with just experiencing the universe with the sensations that come through their five senses and what they project. However when one is spiritual you move beyond all that. We eventually realize that we are the Morrighan expressing herself through us and our emotions. That is the collective whole of what being a priest really is.
So I leave you with this: Not even the gods can please everyone in the world, so why would you think you could? Don't worry about pleasing the world because when you please yourself the world in itself will be pleased.

     On a personal side note I must mention, While I will continue to keep writing on this blog as frequently as I can, this will be the last one that I advertise on any of the social media sites. I'm not doing this for a popularity contest nor do I care about having everyone know who I am. I like to keep my magick life private. I am part of coven in which we utilize the techniques I have and will be presenting. Our coven is devoted to our great mother The Morrighan. We are structured in the ways of the ancient priesthoods and practice in secret. We are by no means wiccan which usually accompanies the term coven but we operate in a more ceremonial magick fashion. While our name is out there, as we do a lot of work for our local pagan community, we do not advertise or try to recruit members but we can be found by those who seek hard enough. We are very selective on who joins our coven and members have to have had a calling from the Morrighan. The Morrighan has requested that I put out this becon for myself and for the coven for those that seek the knowledge.

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Work of the Symbol

 Devotional Practices of the Morrighan


"Because there are innumerable things beyond the range of human understanding, we constantly use symbolic terms to represent concepts that we can not define or fully comprehend. This one reason why all religions employ symbolic language or images. But this conscious use of symbols is only one aspect of a psychological fact of great importance: Man also produces symbols unconsciously and spontaneously, in the form of dreams."
                                                                                                                        -Carl G. Jung

The symbol you see above shall be the focal point of the first part of this working. This is the symbol of the Morrighan. To break it down, let us examine it. First, the Triangle. The upside down triangle with a line through it's center is the alchemical symbol for Earth. The Morrighan is associated with the Earth and is an earth Goddess. She is part of the land as much as she IS the land. She grants
sovereignty over it. In the guise of Macha, Macha means 'pasture' or 'field', which is a is clear indicator of her as an Earth Goddess. On Samhain, the Morrighan lays with The Dagda to fertilize the land. The Morrighan being the Goddess of Death and The Dagda being the God of Life and both are Earthly based, they mate at the time of year when we reap our harvest but the land is dying for the coming of winter, yet it will be reborn in spring. Our harvest gives us nourishment, sustenance and life through this time of year, through this time of death of the land. The three lines was an ancient symbol of the Morrighan as archeological records have indicated. Various ancient Celtic artifacts have been found with these three lines engraved on them that were translated as a symbol of the Morrighan.
    The Red Triangle in the middle has a few meanings. First, the Morrighan as a War Goddess is where the element of fire comes in. The Alchemical symbol for fire is a red riangle. Fire represents our courage, our actions and our desires. All the things the Morrighan embodies. Thus we have the element of Fire. Now to go even further into this, the red triangle in the center also is the light, the light of the sun, the light within our hearts which is Danu (Anu). Fire is the light. It has been said the Morrighan first appears as fearful and chaotic only to scare those away who are not serious about her.
For when they overcome this fear of her, they find a loving, compassionate mother. But one must go head first into the center and overcome your fears in order to be at peace.
    The triple spiral. Some will tell you it is a just a triple goddess symbol but is far more than just that. The symbol appears on most of the ancient megaliths through out Ireland. Most notably on Newgrange. While it is a triple goddess symbol it is the cycle of the universe, life death and rebirth. The Celts strongly believed in reincarnation, which is a main reason why they had no fear of death. They believed that they would be reborn in the same tribe. Then we have the guises of the Morrighan, Badb, Macha, Nemain. It could be suggested that each one is not just a guise but a reincarnation of
Danu, since the Morrighan herself is associated with reincarnation and rebirth. And when you start studying more into her family tree, this reincarnation into the tribe concept becomes more clear of her different guises. It is also suggested that there is a bit of numerological significance in the number of rings in the spirals that has several correspondences as well but that is a little more in depth than we will be covering at this time. Thus the triple spiral is one of her oldest symbols, the spirals all connect with each other to make a whole. Nemain, Macha, Badb together as one make up the
Morrigu with the light of Anu shining through the center.

The first practice with the symbol should be done over the period of 3 days each. When the moon is waxing and should not exceed past the full moon. To get started, use the picture of the symbol below and print it out if possible. It will help to hold it front of you or if you can manage to tape it to the wall to keep your hands free. It is a good meditation practice to stare at the picture for a period of time and then close your eyes and try to see it. Also you can stare at the picture for 20 seconds then close your eyes for 20 seconds seeing the symbol and then reopen your eyes for another 20 seconds and then closing them again, repeating this several times.

Always recite the 'Hymm to Morrighan' at the beginning of this work while facing North.

1. Your first meditation should be focused completely on the symbol. Go into a meditative state and see the symbol before you. Try to hold it in your minds eye for as long as you can. You can start with 3 minutes for the first 3 days, 6 minutes for 3 days after that and then 9 minutes for 3 days after that.

2. For the second part of this exorcize you will now focus on seeing the spirals in the symbol move. See them spiral into one another as if each spiral fills the other in a eternal circle. After a brief period see the red triangle in center begin to glow brightly. Be sure to record any sensations or feelings you get from this in your personal journal.

3. At the third part you will be doing a ritual for the symbol which is printed on the next page. This should be done on or near a full moon. It is always good to fast for the day before this ritual if you are able. Any corresponding incenses is also helpful during this ritual.

Ritual of the Morrighan Symbol
1. Do your customary opening ritual.

2. Stand facing North and recite the Hymm to Morrighan (I have the one we use on this blog or you could write your own)

3. See the Morrighan standing before you, then speak the following adoration:

Oh, Great Queen Mother
I stand before you this night,
to unite my consciousness with yours.
To feel your love, your power and your embrace
within my heart,
So that I may rejoice with you
as your child and your devoted follower.
I shall greet you with open arms and an open heart!
I shall now bring your symbol into myself.

4. While standing visualize the Morrighan symbol move in slowly from the West. See it as sparkling Silver color. It stops just in front of the heart.

5. Now see the symbol move in from the East and it is shiny gold Color. It moves slowly to rest just in front of the heart and mold into the silver symbol.

6. See the symbol down into the Earth where it is a dense black color. See it rise up slowly from the Earth where it rests just in front of the heart and molds into the previous symbol.

7. Now see the symbol up in heavens where it is a bright white light and it descends downward to rest in front of the heart and molds into the previous symbol so all 4 become one and begin to glow a brilliant cosmic light of unity.

8. As you gaze at this symbol vibrate the name 'ANU'

9. Stretch your hands out as if to grab the symbol but only to guide it to move into your heart. See the symbol dissolve into your heart and create shiny glow inside of your heart. Take a few moments in silence to feel the energy.

10. Speak the following:
Sacred, Great Queen Mother, Morrighan, May the union I have just created with you be sealed and flourish through every level of my being, bringing all the beneficial effects under your control. May I feel your love when needed, may I see your presence when lonely, may I hear your voice when you wish to communicate, may I be strong when you wish to test me,
may I have courage when you wish to show me fear, may my will stay focused when you show me my desires.

11. Cross your arms over your chest, right over left with each hand touching the shoulders. Right hand touching the left shoulder and left hand touching the right shoulder. Stay in this position for a few moments in silence.

12. Sit and meditate for a few moments and then record your experience in your journal.

13. Do your closing ritual

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Hymm to the Morrighan Anu

Hymm to the Morrighan Anu 

Daily Right of Dedication

I speak this prayer every morning at the start of the day and at the beginning of each ritual. I can really feel her power when it is spoken. It was conceived to be able to be spoken alone or with a group.

Peace to sky, Sky to Earth
Earth beneath Sky, strength in each;
Hail to thee, Oh Great Queen Mother!
Queen of Phantoms!
Queen of Faeries!
Queen of the Sea!
Nemain, Macha, Badb!
Goddess of prophecies!
Goddess of Death, and keeper of the fallen!
Goddess of War and the blood of life!
The one who can change her shape
to cow, crow, wolf or serpent and grant transformatin.
Goddess of Earth, who is the land we rise from!
Goddess of Fate, who shows us our distant ways
Oh, Washer of the Ford,
Who tells prophecies of man
Who gives birth to our kin
Let thy crows flock and secrets unlock
You, who are the Mother!
You, who are Anu
(We are) I am your loving child(ren)
May (We) I honor you in this life saying :
Great are you, Anu and great are your works”

Peace to sky, Sky to Earth
Earth beneath Sky, strength in each;
Be might to the eternal much excellent woods,
Peace to sky be this
nine time eternal!-

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Awakening the Morrighan at the Great Serpent Mound Part 2

Awakening the Morrighan at the Great Serpent Mound

Part 2
In this part I will be going over the experience and the actual work performed at both times. Each time I had different experiences and with the second trip I was able to be a little more exploratory as you will see. Being a psychic and a strong empath has a great deal of merits when it comes to ancient sights but it also carries its curse in the mundane world. To be able to feel the land and all it's power and have it speak to you holds a great deal overwhelmingness and responsibility. However it also gives you a since alienation from your fellow man. One is able to feel one with them and feel their emotions but at the same time upon a hand shake THEIR life flashes before your eyes and you see their death and feel their heartache. That is the curse. I'm guessing the wizards of olde went through this same dilemma, in which I understand their solitude. That's why I have learned to put up pretty strong barriers to keep everyone’s 'ick' from coming in.
On a side note, The Morrighan often calls on me to drop everything I'm doing to do such things like travel to the middle of no where just to say hi. However, sometimes it serves a purpose, like sending me some where in which I don't know where I'm going I'm just following the crows in order to meet one of her followers in which I would have not otherwise.

December 21, 2012 Winter Solstice
There was a bit of blizzard that night. I had to leave around 4:00am in order to get there at sunrise. Getting there was quite the adventure due to all the snow. It was coming down pretty fast and the roads were becoming a mess. I wasn't about to let snow stop me. So as you all know, this date according to the Mayan calender was the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. So to be at an ancient sight of power was quite the necessity. Especially to greet it with the power and strength of our Great Mother, The Morrighan.
Once I got there the snow finally stopped and it was about a half an hour before sunrise. There were quite a few people there so I could really go all out but I could still do what was needed. I positioned myself at the curve of the snake that pointed to the rising of the winter solstice sun. Right at sunrise I began the God-Form Ritual. At this time I vibrated the name of Morrighan. It was a very powerful experience as I awaken the goddess within myself at that spot. I had successfully awaken her energy at an ancient monument, during the day that is considered a day of her birth. I felt an overwhelming feeling of love from her that lasted for days. 

October 8, 2014 Lunar Eclipse (the Blood Moon)
This one was a lot more extravagant and a lot more powerful. The lunar eclipse was just before sunrise so again I had to leave around 3:30am to get there in time. There was to be a total lunar eclipse and it was called a blood moon because of the reddish color it projected from the earths shadow and as luck would have it, it was completely visible from our region of the country.
When I first entered the town of Peeples (the town where Serpent Mound is) I noticed the entire town smelled like sulfur. Still not quite sure what that was about but it was also very foggy. The kind of fog where you can barley see in front of you. Once at Serpent Mound the sulfur smell vanished but the fog was still heavy. It was completely desolate. Myself and my partner were the only ones there. It looked rather creepy, just like out of the beginning of some horror movie. It is already out in the middle of no where and with out any other person around it really made you feel like you were isolated from the rest of the world. Not one person was there, none were around and none came the entire time. This was excellent because it aloud me to really indulge in the energy.
So I was able to work on the mound itself. Being a sacred spot, I removed my shoes before walking out on it. I went out into the middle of the egg portion of the mound. It felt like being in the middle of womb. Almost as if I was being initiated or being reborn. I did the calling to Morrighan and then proceeded with the God-Form ritual vibrating the name of Anu this time. I felt her enter my entire being. It was so strong inside the mound. After some time in this state, I began some astral work. I still to this day can not describe the amount of love I felt from the Morrighan. A love that is beyond any physical words or anything I have ever felt. In astral form I started to feel one with the land and again it was a very powerful feeling. After I came back to consciousness I went over to the tail end of the mound and stood in the middle of the spiral and again proceeded with the God-Form ritual with Anu being the name I vibrated. I found that one is able to project this goddess energy through the snake to the egg. Which would make a great feat of initiation if the projector is strong enough. This will be something for future works I'm sure.
At the spiral is where I soon started to watch the eclipse. An amazing sight it was. It was just as they said it would be. The pictures below are actual images of it. Again watching the eclipse from here was a overwhelming feeling. Never have I felt more one with the universe than at that moment. I walked away from the whole experience with a great since of love from the goddess.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Awakening the Morrighan at the Great Serpent Mound

Awakening the Morrighan at the Great Serpent Mound

One of my past workings I wanted to share is my Morrighan workings at Serpent Mound. Luckily I only live a little over an hour from there so I've been able to do quite a bit of magickal work with this power center. The first time was during the Winter Solstice Dec. 21, 2012. The second time was last October 8 2014 during the Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse. I will be discussing this in 2 parts. The first will be a brief overview of serpent mound and the energy there of, along with a break down of how each guise of the Morrighan coordinates with the lunar cycle and of the energy work I was performing. The second part will be going over the energy work itself and the end result.

Part 1:
Serpent Mound is one of the few ancient sights on the North American continent that are a playground of magickal energy, a power center just as much as Stone Hedge or Newgrange. However, technically it can not be classified as a megalith but it is one in it's own right. The Ohio Valley is littered with giant burial mounds The picture above depicts the quarter mile long earthen serpent.
Here is a brief overview of it from Wikipedia
"Including all three parts, the Serpent Mound extends about 1,370 feet, and varies in height from less than a foot to more than three feet. Conforming to the curve of the land on which it rests, with its head approaching a cliff above a stream, the serpent winds back and forth for more than eight hundred feet and seven coils, and ends in a triple-coiled tail. The serpent head has an open mouth extending around the east end of a 120-foot -long hollow oval feature. Scholars posit that the oval feature symbolizes an egg, the sun, the body of a frog, or merely the remnant of a platform. The effigy's extreme western feature is a triangular mound approximately 31.6 feet at its base and long axis. There are also serpent effigies in Scotland and Ontario that are very similar
The dating of the design, the original construction, and the identity of the builders of the serpent effigy are three questions still debated in the disciplines of social science, including ethnology, archaeology, and anthropology. In addition, contemporary American Indians have an interest in the site. Several attributions have been entered by academic, philosophic, and Native American concerns regarding all three of these unknown factors of when designed, when built, and by whom.
Over the years, scholars have proposed that the mound was built by members of the Adena culture, the Hopewell culture, or the Fort Ancient culture. In the 18th century the missionary John Heckewelder reported that Native Americans of the Lenni Lenape (later Delaware) nation told him the Allegheny people had built the mound, as they lived in the Ohio Valley in an ancient time. Both Lenape and Iroquois legends tell of the Allegheny or Allegewi People, sometimes called Tallegewi. They were said to have lived in the Ohio Valley in a remotely ancient period, believed pre-Adena, i.e., Archaic or pre-Woodland period (before 1200 BCE). Because archaeological evidence suggests that ancient cultures were distinct and separate from more recent historic Native American cultures, academic accounts do not propose the Allegheny Nation built the Serpent Mound.[5]
Recently the dating of the site has been brought into question. While it has long been thought to be an Adena site based on slim evidence, a couple of radiocarbon dates from a small excavation raise the possibility that the mound is no more than a thousand years old. Middle Ohio Valley people of the time were not known for building large earthworks, however; they did display a high regard for snakes as shown by the numerous copper serpentine pieces associated with them

Astronomical significance

In 1987 Clark and Marjorie Hardman published their finding that the oval-to-head area of the serpent is aligned to the summer solstice sunset.William F. Romain has suggested an array of lunar alignments based on the curves in the effigy's body. Fletcher and Cameron argued convincingly for the Serpent Mound's coils being aligned to the two solstice and two equinox events each year. If the Serpent Mound were designed to sight both solar and lunar arrays, it would be significant as the consolidation of astronomical knowledge into a single symbol. The head of the serpent is aligned to the summer solstice sunset and the coils also may point to the winter solstice sunrise and the equinox sunrise.
If 1070 CE is accurate as the construction year, building the mound could theoretically have been influenced by two astronomical events: the light from the supernova that created the Crab Nebula in 1054, and the appearance of Halley's Comet in 1066. The supernova light would have been visible for two weeks after it first reached earth, even during the day. The Halley's Comet's tail has always appeared as a long, straight line and does not resemble the curves of the Serpent Mound. Halley's comet appears every 76 years. Numerous other supernovas may have occurred over the centuries that span the possible construction dates of the effigy."

So as you can see, to be able to do magickal work here with The Morrighan was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Especially with her connection with serpents, spirals and the moon. The energy projected at the mound is very ancient and any strong empath (like myself) can't help but get that 'spiritual high' while in the area. I'm beginning to understand that a lot of this work I have done here, although very important as to the advancement of our Great Mother's system of magick is but a prerequisite to the work I am to perform latter this summer in Ireland.
The type of work I did was what is called The God Form Ritual. This involves working with sacred sound with visualization. It is similar to the Golden Dawn's 'Middle Pillar' and the Aurum Solis's 'Deific Formula.' The Middle Pillar can be found in almost any Golden Dawn Book and the Deific Formula was published in Denning & Phillips 'The Foundations of High Magick.'  In the Rune-Gild we also had something similar called 'Yew Working'. All 3 of these is a series of vibrating sacred names aloud as you are projecting down energy from the heavens into your own being and then vibrating the appropriate god name over each chakra and/ or energy center in the body. With Yew Working it was a bit different, in that you drew the energy from above and then also drew energy up from the earth below where it would meet in the middle at the solar plexus vibrating the runes over each energy point. See diagram below:

In this case I was vibrating the 'Morrighan.' Since 2008 I have been doing a moon-cycle ritual once a year for an entire phase of the moon with all of The Morrighan's guises, vibrating each name as they correspond with the moon phase. For example: I would start on the last quarter Moon and it would go as follows:
Badb = Last Quarter Moon
Nemain = New Moon
Macha = First Quarter Moon
Morrighan = Full Moon
Danu = the following day at noon
So in this manner I was able to manifest her and evoke her within myself and actually be a part of her being, to become one with her. I also should add that after each guise I worked with I had to reflect on the guise for the week of that moon phase and see how it corresponded to my everyday life and do a daily adoration to that guise. Doing the Morrighan at the end was the full circle of the whole and then her light aspect of Danu 'the light within her heart', the mother and the land, that which flourishes in the light and gives life. The whole moon-cycle ritual embodies the death, birth, life and then being reborn again. After this work I was to start working with her as Anu from then on out. Anu being her true name and the Morrighan being her title, just as Siddhartha is 'The Buddha' and Jehovah being the name of the Judeo-Christian god and 'God' as his title. The name Anu breaks down to being such a powerful goddesses name when vibrated. I found it being more powerful than all the other names of hers I've worked with. When invoking her as Anu or addressing her in this name the work of her followers will find their relationship will become even more personal. However, a word of warning: I would not address her in this name until she gives you permission to do so. While we all feel a deep personal connection to her, I assure the relationship gets even deeper and goes beyond that of which lays on her surface image of the Battle Queen. For one must fight through the darkness of life and of the soul to see the true light of the goddess especially when you visit her on her plane. This is a point where you stop becoming and start being. It is very important to remember that she is not just darkness and war but she is also light and rebirth. Anu being the result of that circle. It is our goal as sentient beings to become god or goddess like. The gods are our teachers, our guides. We are not separate from them nor are we meant to bow down and worship them. We are here to learn from them as they stand as our role models. Even with our mother as a 'Great Queen' it's about honor and respect as you would treat any great teacher and/ or parent. However it is fear that keeps people scared of her and continue to bow to her as a servant. This 'fear' has been a state of stagnant for a lot of folks because it clouds our judgment in our spiritual progress. Remember it was 'fear' that controlled the Age of Pisces with the Christian mindset. That was how the cult of Jesus survived, fear of eternal damnation. Now we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, mankind is getting smarter and more spiritually aware. The old gods are returning to reclaim their own. So fear should not be the central focus of this new age. Fear should be replaced with knowledge and wisdom. The 'fear' of the Morrighan is only a stepping stone, the first challenge to overcome to open the doorway. This will be discussed latter in the future but for now let's get back to the topic at hand.

The God Form Ritual. The overall purpose of the ritual is to bring her energy into your own being and become one with her. It goes as follows
  1. Do an opening ritual (what ever you're accustomed to)
  2. Make an adoration to the Morrighan
  3. Take a brief a moment to go into a meditative state and then perform the God Form Ritual
  4. When you come back to consciousness leave a generous offering to her.

Now the lay out of the God Form
  1. Draw your attention to the Heavens where the sky meets the stars and see one of those stars that is shinning brighter than rest. It is a brilliant white light. It comes towards you and stops at the crown of your head and forms a ball of light.
  2. See the light descend down into your body towards the heart and vibrate the name of Morrighan.
  3. Now focus your attention down into the earth where you see a sphere of silver rise up from the earth until it rests at your feet and forms a ball of shinny, silver light.
  4. See the energy rise up into your body towards the heart and vibrate the name Morrighan for a second time.
  5. Now see the two energies meet in the heart forming a sphere of white light with a golden glow. As this light fills the body vibrate the name of Morrighan for a third time.
  6. Stay in this state for a few moments and when your ready return to physical consciousness. 

    To be continued....

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Son of the Morrighan

    And so begins the story of a man and his mother. But more of a journey, of finding her and in return finding out whom he really is.

     My name by birth is Brian Morgan and my mother..... The Goddess, The Morrighan. There I said it. for those that read this, you have no ideal how long it took me to come to terms with this. I had no problem excepting her as my goddess and even following her but to say that she is my mother? Yes makes one question themselves constantly if they're going mad. I will explain more on this in a moment. I am writing this web journal only because she has instructed me to do so. She has kept me in the shadows, kept me a secret for years not letting myself be known but only so subtly as she taught me in her own ways until it was time for me to be revealed to her followers.
But let me make something very clear. I am NOT here for followers, I'm Not trying to lead anybody and I'm not asking anybody for anything. I am here only as a guide, the one to open the doors, the one to answer those questions which have been troubling you. To be her voice and speak for her. I only ask that you listen. I am still just a man. I work a day job and have a some what of a normal life, try to anyways. I am, however, very spiritual and a long time practitioner of magick. I am just a man and that is all I claim to be. I just happen to have an extraordinary mother. In which I am her devoted high priest.
     She first came to me in 2001. The Morrighan and the All-Father, Odhinn (Odin) the Galdrsfadhir, came to me at the same time. There were a sea of crows. Thousands of them that followed me everywhere. they stayed with me all winter long. I will not go into to much detail on all the mystical experiences that occurred but I will say it was life changing. I was first to begin my workings with Odhinn and learn the ways of the runes. Working the runes was what really taught me self discipline especially in magick and the importance of tradition. I still work with Odhinn to this day but in 2006 it was if he handed me over to the Morrighan.
     There was this incredibly psychic woman whom I was good friends with at the time. She kept telling me there was this dark woman following me everywhere. I had been so engulfed in rune work that I had forgotten she came to me that winter too. And to make a long story short we made an incredibly mystical contact with her. She embodied the woman and told me she was my mother. And at first, like most rational, spiritual people you think "Okay, you're my patron." but what I know today is she really meant she is my mother. Her appearance was almost like it was meant to be all of her guises. She was old, not the hag but a more queenly look of a women who stood tall with her head always slightly looking upward and she wore her greyish hair up in a bun. She was dressed in a black glittery robe. She had a very authoritative presence about her. With some astral work done during the following days I was able to embrace her.
     So with my background in rune work, ceremonial magick and shamanism and with her as my guide I was able to start a series of practices devoted to awakening her consciousness within myself. She also guided me to start a coven devoted to her in which she has seemed to shape the coven as it went along. Guiding us as one so that the order of it is to her liking. As her devotees we were instructed to give a sacrifice of something sacred to ourselves for initiation and we must give a blood offering every Samhain.
     Over the years she came to me in all of her guises at different times as a means of advancement in my stages of training and/ or learning.
I realize a lot of this is very vague but there is still a lot I am not allowed to share just yet. But one thing I have been instructed to share.... the DREAMS. Not my own, but followers of the Morrighan who come to me and tell me they've had dreams about me, all of which these people I have never even met before. Any of them. But they've had dreams about me.... This is when I finally started to come to terms with excepting that I am truly her son. If you tell me you've had some dream about me or have had several, I'm sorry if I don't know how to respond to that. It's a very delicate thing, the positional I'm in. Everyday I chant in my mind like a mantra “I am just a man.” This helps to stay grounded and keep the ego at bay. I didn't ask for this and I'm still trying to do my best to represent our Great Mother. Then when I came across the myth that speaks of her three sons, Iucharba, Iuchair and.... Brian, I had to examine this. Any persons rational instinct would say it's just a strange coincidence. For me, it always felt as though I was fighting for it to be a coincidence. And this struggle of being a practitioner of magick tells you that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a purpose, this magickal philosophy kept telling me stop fighting it and except it. While the Morrighan kept telling me “You are a key of something bigger than you know.” So then she kept throwing things at me to make sure I know I am her son like having people approach me about dreams they've had about me or having a group of 3 crows follow me or leaving me subtle gifts I was in need of or putting me in charge of groups I never thought I'd be leading. When I finally excepted this as her true named son everything in my life has become extraordinarily great.

Now that you have a bit of my background, this is the beginning of what I have to say: there is a reason why she has been coming to more and more people over the past few years. All will be revealed soon, so please be patient with me and with her. Our Great Mother, The Morrighan has given me several tasks to accomplish in 2015. First I will be building a new altar and I don't just mean a table with items of hers, but hand carved from selected woods grand altar. Second, I will begin making a tarot deck devoted to her. The deck will be based on the Aquarian age. Previous decks like Raider Wait have all been made for the age of Pisces. Thirdly I will be visiting Ireland to finish writing out her magickal system, a series devotional rituals which allow her followers to have a course of training to become priests and priestess. She has been guiding me on the process of this. Also I will add, some of you who are reading this I will be visiting you this summer and I will be informing you about a retreat for us which will happen around the summer full moon.
I will be keeping a journal of all these workings here for whom ever wishes to keep track of my workings and doings as I progress. This is what she wills of me.